Traffic Patterns

Morning  Car Drop-Off Procedures
The district campus area is a No Phone Zone. Please observe the speed limits and the prohibition on the use of cellphones on campus. Thank you.
Please drop your child/children off using the circle drive at the front of the building.  Please do not let your child out of the car until your car is in front of the covered area.  School staff will be there to assist students when they arrive.
Afternoon Car Pick-Up Procedures
Please pick up your child using the circle drive in the front of the building.  Please stay in your car, stay in line and pull all the way forward so that we may quickly and safely load students into their vehicles.  To ensure a student's safety, school staff will help students into their cars. 
To avoid a line hold up, please do not ask the teachers questions when they load your student in your car.  If you would like to talk to a teacher, please make an appointment.  This is to ensure everyone's safety.
Parking at W. R. Hatfield
Please DO NOT park in the circle drive at the front of the building.  You may park in the marked parking area in front of the school, on the side of the school near the bus drop off (except afterschool during pick up times),  or across the street.  Parking will NOT be permitted behind the building.