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Hatfield Elementary School

Below you will find procedures for our arrival and dismissal for car riders. Please keep in mind the following procedures:
•    Our school start time is 7:40 am. Students should be in their seats and ready for instruction at 7:40 am.
•    After 7:40, all students must enter the school through the front office. Students will then pick up a tardy pass and proceed to class.
•    For your child’s safety, no students are allowed to be at school before 7:20 am, unsupervised.
•    Ride Changes must be requested prior to 2:00 pm.
•    All car riders will load and unload at the front of the school. 
•    There will be no early dismissals after 2:30 pm. This is due to an increase in the amount of traffic.
                                                          Morning Arrival:

•    The doors will be open at 7:20 am and breakfast is served from 7:20 – 7:35 am.                      
•    All students will be allowed to walk to class starting at 7:20 am.
•    Students need to arrive early so they can be in class at 7:40 am. 
•    Cars will approach cones 1-6, please do not let students exit until you are safely at a cone. Once at a cone a staff member will open the back passenger side door. Students exiting at cones 1 and 2 will enter through the front doors of the school building. Students exiting at cones 3 and 4 will enter through the door labeled “Entrance Cones 3 and 4.” Students exiting at cones 5 and 6 will enter through the door labeled “Entrance Cones 5 and 6.”

                                                       Afternoon Dismissal:

•    Please have your car visor identification sign easily visible for staff to see.
•    Each child will receive a car visor identification sign at “Meet the Teacher Night” that details the child's name and grade. 
•    Please fill out with a black sharpie.  This sign must be visible on the car mirror as you pull into the loading zones. Visibility of the sign will assist us in providing a safe, smooth, and efficient process.
•    For safety and consistency, cars will form a line by entering the parking lot from Texan Drive, proceeding alongside the building towards the playground, and making the loop to enter the car pick up line. 

                                                  Change in Transportation:

To make a permanent change to your child’s usual afternoon transportation arrangement (e.g., from bus rider to car rider), please send a written note to the homeroom teacher. 
To make a one-time-only change to your child’s usual afternoon transportation arrangement, notify the front office at 817-215-0350 or by 2:00 pm. No dismissal changes will be accepted after 2:00 pm. If you are checking your child out of school early, please check him/her out before 2:30 pm. No early dismissals after 2:30 pm. Thank you for your help in following these procedures so we can provide a safe environment for all children.