5th Grade Supply List

5th Grade Supplies 2018-2019: 

  Earbuds or small headphones to use with Chrome-books  (does not have to be “new” ones)

2 boxes facial tissues   

Girls only:  1 box quart ziplocks (used for many activities)

Boys only: 1 box gallon ziplocks (used for many activities)

1 container of disinfectant wipes  

6 glue sticks – used for journals each day                  

3 pkgs. Wooden pencils (#2 lead, 12 count, yellow)

40 pencil top erasers (sold at Dollar Tree $1.00 for 40 in a pack) 

2 red ballpoint pens

4 highlighters (multi-color pack is best. Also $1.00 at Dollar Tree)  

4 dry erase markers 

1 box colored map pencils or ones from previous year    

1 manual pencil sharpener or one from previous year    

4 composition books (science, math, writing, reading)

1 pocket folder (no brads, stays in binder for homework) 

1 pocket folder WITH brads (choose blue or orange or green)

1 3-ring binder (1 1/2 or 2 inch.  Can be “repurposed” one)

dividers for 3-ring binder – pack of 5

Student binder (zipper or snap closure. Does not have to be new)   

1 pencil pouch (kept in 3-ring binder.  Does not have to be new.)  

1 pkg notebook paper (250 count, wide ruled)    

1 spiral Art Sketch book, 30+ pages (May use last year’s if at least 30 clean pages)

Choir Students ONLY:  1 pocket folder (no brads), any color